The Society is run entirely by volunteers. In the past two years we have updated and streamlined administration so that it is more efficient. 

The AMHS members annual subscription fee has been discontinued until further notice.  

From 2022 our members database open to anyone  interested in receiving information about meetings and other AMHS activities.  In lieu of subscriptions we  encourage  Donations to the Society but donations are not mandatory.

To join the e-AMHS database, please email: AMHS Secretary

Provide your name, email address, mobile number

Please note all communication with AMHS is electronic 

Our meetings are a great opportunity for collegiality and networking. See  our meetings

Supporters of AMHS may borrow books of medical history interest from the EMDL library collection (excluding books marked as "Reference only" or those published before 1910). Please contact EMDL curator Juliet Hawkins for information on borrowing books. The Royal Australasian College of Physicians’ collection of historical books make up approximately 1/3rd of the nearly 5,000 books catalogued and shelved in the Library. There is also a separate display of books written by or concerning Auckland Health Professionals.

Many historic documents and photographs have been archived in a digital format held in a  Document Library. These are not available online but can be accessed by arrangement with the Archivist via the AMHS Secretary or via curator Juliet Hawkins  

We invite you to support AMHS by joining our mailing database and we look forward to seeing you at our programme of events.

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Terry Sutcliffe is recording Onehunga's pharmaceutical history
(Photo from Central Leader 31 January 2009)
EMDL Curator Juliet Hawkins stands beside the display of obstetrics and gynaecological instruments.
(Photo from North & South magazine September 2018)