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Historia Nunc Vivat    Medical Practitioners in New Zealand 1845-1930  Rex Wright-St Clair
 WW1 No 1 NZ General Hospital, Brockenhurst  -Remembering the New Zealanders in Walton-On-Thames (NZ High Commision, London)
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Anderson, Neil

Dusty Allen Rediscovered A Neurologists Life

Date: 2016
Publisher: Mary Egan

Anderson, Neil

Jock Caughey: Physician and Humanitarian

Date: 2023
Publisher: Mary Egan Publishing

Barraclough, Brian

A Physician In Spite of Himself DW Carmalt Jones

Date: 2009
Publisher: Royal Society of Medicine

Brown M
Masters D Smith B

Nurses of Auckland. The History of the General Nursing Programme in the Auckland School of Nursing

Date: 1994
Publisher: Stylus Publishing Services

Brown, Earle
Klaassen, Michael F

Perfection The Life and Times of Sir William Manchester

Date: 2021
Publisher: Mary Egan Publishing

Bryder, Linda

Below The Magic Mountain: A Social History of Tuberculosis in Twentieth-century Britain

Date: 1988
Publisher: Clarendon Press

Bryder, Linda

A Voice for Mothers: The Plunket Society and Infant Welfare 1907-2000

Date: 2003
Publisher: Auckland University Press

Bryder, Linda

Not Just Weighing Babies. Plunket in Auckland 1908- 1998

Date: 1998
Publisher: Pyramid Press

Bryder, Linda

The Rise and Fall of National Women’s Hospital; A History

Date: 2014
Publisher: Auckland University Press